Thoughts, Stories & Ideas

Hi, I'm Josh 👋

I am the founder of NiftyCo, which is a holding company for various software products I am building. You can find me on Twitter & Makerlog . You can also check out my setup or what I am currently doing.

Here's what I'm up to right now.

What I'm currently reading, watching, working on, and trying out.

What I am currently working on:

  1. Preparing for the public beta release of my cloud hosting platform, Primcloud.
  2. I have started the process of building my first low-touch SaaS product, for my low-touch SaaS holdings company, NiftyCo.

Things I've enjoyed recently:

  1. Started reading the Atomic Habits book by James Clear. It's a great, in-depth book on building good habits and getting rid of bad ones.
  2. Now that winter has finally ended here in the midwest of the US, I've begun taking long car rides with my dog to clear my head and think about things. We've also started going for regular walks in nature.
  3. I've also begun trying to give more time for rest and improving myself. Two things that I do to help disconnect me is mindlessly playing Super Mario Bros games on the Switch with my daughter, and watching movies.