Failure of Launching in Under a Week
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Failure of Launching in Under a Week

A whoopsy daisy. I failed.


Let me back track a bit. A week ago I made the decision to pivot from my project Merched to App Metrics as my primary project. After having a discussion with a few people, I have determined that Merched is too massive of a project to be able to launch solo in a timely manner.

So I decided to see how quickly I can build an MVP of App Metrics and launch that in under a week.

Let me tell you the grind is terrible. After about 3 days of pulling 16 hour days, going to bed about 3-4 hours past my normal time took a big toll not only on how I feel, but also my productivity.

While I did end up getting about 60-75% of the MVP done in that timeframe, it did slow me down considerably in the fact that I have spent the last 2 days trying to come up with a more informative landing page, with not so great results.

All in all I feel the attempt was beneficial. It lit a fire under me that I hadn't had in a while, and pushed me to skim off the fluff and only come up with the absolute minimal features to launch as soon as possible.

I will continue pressing on and hope to launch the project in the next week or two.