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I don’t complete anything

There, I said it.

Looking back at all the projects I’ve worked on for myself, I have never completed a single one of them. I realize why now. I was always so worried that either I’d put all my effort into it and it would fail. So I would work on something, be so into it, but halfway, or even 80% of the way there, I’d lose interest, or find something else to take my interest.

This stops now.

Looking at my idea sheet, I have 9 ideas I want to work on. Friday I sunset a project that has “been in the works” since 2012. The one I had been working on is now being put on indefinite hold. Everything else will stay on the idea sheet.

But what will I be working on? What will I do?

Three weeks ago I was hired by a local printing and embroidery shop here in Dubuque. I have decided that the projected I am working on for them is the ONLY project I will work on.

Working at the office, or even if I feel like working on a night or weekend, it will be for the project I was hired to build. That’s it.

I will not let anything creep in and disrupt that, no more side projects for a while.

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