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November 5th, 2015-131 words-1 min read

DHH of Basecamp (formerly 37Signals) wrote a rant that is making it’s rounds called Reconsider that is really resonating with me.

I’ve been in web development since around 1997 and I’ve worked on projects that have made me good money, and many that flopped. Every idea I had, I would talk to people about and their goto response was the same.

You’ll never beat X or Y.

Maybe I don’t want to beat them? Maybe I don’t want to be the Facebook who killed Myspace. Maybe I don’t want to be a startup. Because I don’t. I’ve been in the startup world, that world sucks.

I’m in the build a sustainable business slow and steady world.

You don’t have to be a special snowflake. Just get your slice of the pie.

Written by Josh Manders who is building App Metrics at his company NiftyCo. You should follow him on Twitter.