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Hi, I'm Josh 👋

I am the founder of NiftyCo, which is a holding company for various software products I am building. You can find me on Twitter & Makerlog . You can also check out my setup or what I am currently doing.

Latest Writings

Just fucking do it.

Today is my 38th birthday and I decided earlier this week to start a new campaign on my life I call "Just fucking do it." The meaning of this campaign dates back to 2000 when I was moving from my old town of Seneca Wisconsin to Viroqua Wisconsin and starting

25 Years Coding

It all started Christmas morning in 1996, I was 11 years old and like every other kid my age at that time I was excited to open the Nintendo 64, but like many kids of that time, I opened all my gifts and there was no Nintendo 64.

The type of CEO I aspire to be

As the CEO, what you aspire to be and the behavior you inhibit all sets the tone and the culture of the company you are building.

Next Phase

No longer identifying as a full snack developer.